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June 4-7

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Our Speakers

Meet the Frontend experts for the upcoming online event!

Picture of Minko Gechev

Minko Gechev

Angular Product Lead at Google
Picture of Jessica Sachs

Jessica Sachs

OS Engineer at Ionic Framework
Core Team member Faker
Picture of Evan You

Evan You

Creator of Vue.js and Vite
Picture of Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds

Software Engineer and Educator
Picture of Anthony Fu

Anthony Fu

Vue.js, Nuxt and Vite Core team member
Creator of Vitest
Picture of Alex Kyriakidis

Alex Kyriakidis

Founder & CEO Vue School
Author of the 1st book on Vue.js
Picture of Angie Jones

Angie Jones

International Keynote Speaker
Global Vice President of Developer Relations for TBD
Picture of Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

Author of Fluent React
Picture of Sébastien Chopin

Sébastien Chopin

Creator of Nuxt
Picture of Kelly Vaughn

Kelly Vaughn

Director of Engineering at SpotAI
Picture of Eduardo San Martin Morote

Eduardo San Martin Morote

Creator of Pinia and Vue Router
Mastering Pinia instructor
Picture of Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly

Lead Vue School Instructor
Vue.js Forge Master of Code
Picture of Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee

CEO at ThisDotLabs
RxJS Core Team
Picture of Daniel Thompson-Yvetot

Daniel Thompson-Yvetot

Co-Founder of Tauri Apps
CEO of CrabNebula
Picture of Daniel Roe

Daniel Roe

Head of Nuxt Framework
Picture of Mostafa Said

Mostafa Said

Instructor at Vue School
Picture of James Q Quick

James Q Quick Co-Host
Technical Content Creator
Picture of Amy Dutton

Amy Dutton Co-Host
Lead Maintainer at RedwoodJS
Picture of Brad Garropy

Brad Garropy Co-Host
Senior frontend developer at Atlassian
Picture of Bekah Hawrot Weigel

Bekah Hawrot Weigel Co-Host
DevEx Lead at OpenSauced
Picture of Mike Hartington

Mike Hartington

Director of DevRel for Ionic Framework
Angular GDE
Picture of Vanessa Otto

Vanessa Otto

Lead Frontend Developer at
Host of expectPodcast
Picture of Alain Chautard

Alain Chautard

GDE in Angular and Google Maps
Picture of Sylwia Vargas

Sylwia Vargas

DevRel Lead at Inngest
Picture of Filip Rakowski

Filip Rakowski

Co-founder & CDXO Alokai
Picture of Elian Van Cutsem

Elian Van Cutsem

Astro Core Team member
Picture of Jatin Ramanathan

Jatin Ramanathan

Software Engineer
Technical Lead at Google Wiz Framework
Picture of Pooya Parsa

Pooya Parsa

Creator of Nitro and UnJS and Co-Creator of Nuxt3
Picture of Nikola Mitrovic

Nikola Mitrovic

Technical Architect & Development Lead at Vega IT
JS Svemirko
Picture of Simon Le Marchant

Simon Le Marchant

Creative UX Engineer
Picture of Sarah Rainsberger

Sarah Rainsberger

Astro Core Team member
Picture of Matias Capeletto

Matias Capeletto

Vite.js Core Team member
Picture of Vladimir Sheremet

Vladimir Sheremet

Vite Core Team member
Picture of Dominik G

Dominik G

Vite Core Team member
Picture of Tim Damen

Tim Damen

Frontend Chapter Lead at ABN AMRO
Picture of Sara Vieira

Sara Vieira

Full Stack Engineer
Picture of Debbie O’Brien

Debbie O’Brien

Senior Technical PM at Microsoft
Picture of Bjorn Lu

Bjorn Lu

Vite, Svelte and Astro Core Team
Picture of Matteo Collina

Matteo Collina

Co-Founder & CTO at Platformatic
Node.js TSC member
Picture of Jòan Varvenne

Jòan Varvenne

Community Engineer at StackBlitz
Picture of Thorsten Kober

Thorsten Kober

Software Engineer at Google Chrome
Picture of Alvaro Saburido

Alvaro Saburido

Developer Relations at Storyblok
Author of TresJS

More speakers announced every week


More speakers announced every week


More speakers announced every week


More speakers announced every week


More speakers announced every week


More speakers announced every week

More Speakers announced soon


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