Setting Up an Advanced TinyMCE LMS Editor with React

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up an advanced TinyMCE LMS Editor with React that can connect to AI platforms like OpenAI, Azure AI, AWS Bedrock, and even Gemini.

Host: Mrinalini Sugosh

Mrinalini Sugosh


July 10, 1:00 PM

3 hours

Who is this for ?

This workshop is ideal for developers looking to deepen their expertise in rich text editors and AI integration within their web applications.

What will the attendees learn?

Integrating TinyMCE with React
Configuring free TinyMCE plugins
Configuring advanced TinyMCE plugins
Connecting TinyMCE to OpenAI
Connecting TinyMCE to AzureAI
Connecting TinyMCE to AWS Bedrock
Connecting TinyMCE to Gemini
Practical exercises for AI-assisted content management including an intro to custom prompts
Tips for optimizing the editor setup
Debugging and troubleshooting common issues

We will begin with a basic React application featuring TinyMCE as the core editor, and explore how to enhance it with free plugins, advanced plugins, and AI integrations. Throughout the session, you will apply what you learn through a series of hands-on assignments, with live support from the instructor. By the end of the workshop, you will have a thorough understanding of integrating TinyMCE with React, take a stab at some of the plugins that can enhance your user’s rich text editing experience, and use the most of the AI Assistant to elevate your web application.

Maximum number of seats

No limit on the number of participants

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